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REWIND was formed in 2010 by Matthijs Herkenraad and Thomas Herkenraad.

In the year 2012 vocalist Leida Daalmeijer joined the band.

In 2014 Johan van der Wielen and Peter Kok completed REWIND.

REWIND is a enthousiastic young Dutch band who writes its own songs in the genre Melodic Rock!



Join us at Woodbangers!


External Video
REWIND at The Young Ones Festival
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Yes let’s Rewind! The song and play it again! Have you heard of the Netherlands based rock/punk band named “Rewind”? Well if you haven’t listen up, they are amazing and have a long life a head of them to keep rocking. Rewind band members are all around the age of 16, and are extremely talented. Fully supported by their fans and especially “family”, Rewind is on the road to success. WoodBangers LLC Network has had the honor of communicating with Rewinds promotion team – webdesigner – and photographer, which has been kind enough to fill us in with what we needed to know. Great People on that end of things I might add! Rewind’s demo album “Apocalypse” may be listened to, and downloaded from the bands Official Reverbnation page of which you may find the link below. Speaking of “Apocalypse” I must share the lyrics to the song: To read the rest of review see
534 days ago · From Mudshovel WoodBanger

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  •  Victor: 

    You rock, people! Further successes! =)

     354 days ago 
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  •  Anonymous: 

    Excellent. This is something that is missing from the market. Takes me back to the early 90's. It's that raw grunge rock. There's a lot to like here and would postulate that you guys would sound excellent live With an energetic show to match!

     482 days ago·2 replies2 replies 
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  •  Anonymous: 

    эти ребята настолько талантливые

     490 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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  •  Mudshovel WoodBanger: 

    band page is looking awesome!

     522 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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07.12.2013 (534 days ago)
Band Members Count5
Year Established2010
FounderMatthijs Herkenraad, Thomas Herkenraad
Band Members
Peter Kok, born on the 10th of July, plays the bass for REWIND
Position: bassist
Johan van der Wielen, born on the 10th of September. Plays the rhythm guitar for REWIND
Position: rhythm guitar
Leida Daalmeijer, born on the 18th of October at Rotterdam. Singer of the band REWIND
Position: vocalist
Matthijs Herkenraad, born in Rotterdam on the 26th of February. Songwriter and plays the lead guitar in REWIND. One of the founders of the band (2010)
Position: lead guitar
Thomas Herkenraad born in Rotterdam on the 26th February. Songwriter and plays the drums in REWIND. One of the founders of the band (2010).
Position: Drummer
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